If you are an intending hirer of the hall (or even if you are a previous or regular hirer) please take time to note (or revisit) the following items of advisory information.

As a caring organisation we are obliged to provide guide notes and sources of reference to safeguard you and your fellow users.  These are included here so that you can be made aware of them and access them. Click here to read our safeguarding statement.

The notes describe the insurance umbrella for both private and commercial hirers and these may be downloaded for reference.  Please note that you may be asked to print off and sign a copy to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms. Click Here to read these.

As a result of COVID19 we are obliged to impose some supplementary terms and conditions. Please click here to read these.

Risk Assessments
As an organiser of an event you may be aware that two different Risk Assessments could be appropriate, one for indoor activities and one for outdoor ones.  If you are unfamiliar with preparing a Risk Assessment you may find it helpful to use the model assessments to help to consider the sorts of issues which might be involved.

Click here to download a model risk assessment form for Inside Events

If you do not have your own COVID-19 risk assessment you may find it helpful to use the model which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note: Prior to completion of a booking the Hall Manager will run through a check list (click here to download) and ask you to sign a declaration (click here to download) confirming that you have noted the essential information.

Please be aware that, at the time of your event, you will need to follow a legal requirement to keep attendee records click here to download details of the requirements.

We would also wish to draw your attention to the presence of housekeeping issues like the Fire and Emergency Safety Policy and the Complaints procedure.

Insurance & Licences guidance
It is important that all hirers note the information on Village Hall Trusts, Insurance and Licences. Click Here