Aims and Objectives

WVCA AIMS 2014 - 2015

Aim 1: To stage different events that will appeal to a wide cross section of village residents and for ticket prices to vary and for these events, if possible, to break even. (SP)

Aim 2: To maintain the hall in an “as new” condition, market it to its full potential (via the WVCA and other websites and leaflets) and continue to try and reduce both its carbon footprint and energy costs. (CM)

Aim 3: To maintain community involvement in village affairs via the OIAW and WVCA web site. (NG)

Aim 4: To improve and maintain the natural and built environment having regard to the Wallington Area Character Assessment. (CS)

Aim 5: To monitor planning applications and oppose any which threaten the character of the village. (EB)

Aim 6: To minimise the impact on the village of the development of Welborne with particular regard to downstream flooding risk and traffic congestion. (DW)

Aim 7: To actively encourage new members to join the Executive Committee as trustees and join sub committees in an ex-officio capacity in areas where they may have interests or expertise. (AB)

Aim 8: To investigate, in conjunction with the Environment Agency and other bodies, means of reducing the risk of tidal and fluvial flooding within the village. (DW)