Post AGM – Tuesday 10th June 2009

The Chairman invited questions and comments from the floor:-

Q. Why was East Hill Close not included by FBC in the upcoming consultation process on the Town Centre Parking strategy?

A. In discussions with FBC representatives WVCA had pressed strongly for roads likely to be affected by parking restrictions in Wallington Shore Road ( Delme Drive, Radclyffe Road and East Hill Close ) should be included in the strategy and consulted. The reason for the subsequent exclusion of East Hill Close is not known but clearly WVCA representations were not strong enough to overcome what were probably financial constraints. East Hill Close residents were advised to make their own individual representations when the consultation window opened on 22 June.

Q. Could the continuing indiscriminate parking around the Clifton Mews area be included in the Parking strategy?

A. No, if the parking is dangerous or is causing an obstruction it should reported to the police.

Q. Can FBC be asked to cut the hedge beyond Riverside Avenue in North Wallingon as they did last year?

A. FBC will only cut the hedge if it becomes a traffic hazard. It is not their responsibility to trim it yearly. However, it will be looked at on the upcoming Walk Round.

Q. What progress has been made with the refurbishment of the Wallington wall?

A. The project is back on track and is expected to start in the next couple of months. It was suggested and agreed that it may be worthwhile trying to get the wall “listed” once work is complete.

Q. Can the following items be raised on the Walk Round:-


  • Steps to prevent foreign drivers bringing large lorries down Military/Drift Road.
  • Some obstruction in the alleyway from Military Road to Pallant Gardens to prevent its dangerous use by motor cyclists.
  • The provision of a dropped kerb at Riverside Avenue.
  • The extension of the hand rail on Wallington Way Bridge.
  • The poor state of the garden around the same bridge.


A. Some of these items are already on a long list of items to raise. Those that are not will be added.