Post AGM - Tuesday 8 June 2010

The new Chair, Eve Burley, invited questions and comments from the floor:-

Q. HGVs and other large lorries are still finding their way into Military Road and thence into Drift Road, blocking the road and causing damage. Can appropriate signage be put in place to mitigate the problem.

A. It has already been agreed with FBC that the missing weight restriction sign at the right hand side of the junction of Military Road/Pinks Hill would be replaced and an “Unsuitable for HGVs” statement would be added to both signs. They had also agreed to investigate whether existing Traffic Order regulations cover both Weight and Width restrictions on Military and Drift Roads. The subject will be raised again at the forthcoming Walk Round.

Q. What is the latest situation regarding the introduction of Parking Permits for Wallington Shore Road and North Wallington.

A. Residents in these two roads will shortly be receiving a pack from FBC containing a covering letter, application forms to apply for Residents Parking Permits and Visitors Permits and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. To avoid misuse of the permits applications will need to be accompanied by copies of the registration documents, insurance cover, blue badge (if applicable) and a recent household bill. Each household will be allowed up to two permits, which will cost £40 each.

Q. Will FBC be conducting another road cleaning exercise in North Wallington.

A. The last attempt to clean the road from the White Horse to Riverside Avenue failed because despite receiving letters asking them to do so the residents failed to move their cars at the appropriate time. There are no plans to repeat the exercise.