The AGM for 2012 took place at the Village Hall on Tuesday 12th June.

The following is the collected reports of the various sections, beginning with the minutes of the meeting of 2011
and ending with an account of the AGM Forum 2012.

Chairman :: Achievements :: Treasurer :: Planning :: OIAW/Website :: Hall :: Entertainment :: Environment




Present: E Burley (Chair); A Bloxham (Secretary); C Weeks (Treasurer); J Clark (Hall); C Scott (Environment); M Close (Planning); A Hackney (OIAW & Web Site), L Judge, D Walton (SDA), Cllr K Trott and 41 members.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

Apologies: T Reeve, M Reeve, Jim Hall, Jean Hall, C Morgan, T Vick, B Collins, M van der Heijden, S Scott, P Trott, Cllr P Whittle, S Newrick, R Downing and M Downing.

Minutes of 2009 AGM: Proposed M Blyth and seconded R Cox that the minutes should be adopted. Carried without dissent.

There were no matters arising from those minutes.

Summary of Reports: Written reports from Chairman, Treasurer, Planning, OIAW Editorial Board, Hall, Entertainment and Environment had been submitted to the meeting and were summarised for the benefit of members present.

Questions were raised about "evidence" supporting the need for environmental projects undertaken by WVCA and suggestions made that coppicing and Himalayan Balsam clearance had not been done timeously. It was explained that expert opinion was sought and approval obtained from appropriate agencies before work was undertaken and criticisms suggesting work had not been done were challenged and rejected. The meeting expressed its support for the Environmental Group and the work it was doing. Cllr Trott, on behalf of Fareham Borough Council, thanked all those who had given their time to support environmental and community work in the village and encouraged more people to come forward and help.

There were no other matters arising from the reports and it was proposed by J Wilcox and seconded by J Haynes that the reports should be adopted. Carried.

Election of Officers and Committee Members:
It was proposed by A Humphrey and seconded by A Dilworth and unanimously agreed by members that the following should be elected as Officers and members of the Executive Committee for the year 2011/2012:

Officers Name Proposed Seconded
Chairman Eve Burley A Braines J Braines
Secretary Alan Bloxham R Cox C Morgan
Treasurer Clare Weeks N Getty P Getty


David Walton W Banks J Banks
Robert Cox L Cox P Wheaton
Charlie Scott A Bloxham M Blyth
Chris Morgan C Weeks A Bloxham
Wendy Reilly K Trott J Clark
Madeline Close R Downing M Downing

Cllr. Katrina Trott has been re-appointed as the representative of Fareham Borough Council with Cllr. Paul Whittle as her deputy.

Annual General Meeting 2012: The meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 7.30pm.

Tributes were paid to the outgoing Committee members James Clark and Louis Judge for their hard work on behalf of WVCA. There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

2011/12 Reports:


My second year as WVCA Chairman has been extremely busy and I wish to thank all the members of the Executive who have supported me and worked very hard indeed as you will see from the various reports submitted and the Achievements List attached to this report.

Clare, our very efficient Treasurer has produced a comprehensive monthly report throughout the year which has enabled the Finance Sub-Committee to easily keep track of our Finances. Our Membership of the WVAC continues to hold steady and the Streetreps have gained new members - thanks to you all and well done.

The Hall Committee report that the Chairlift to enable members and visitors to access the second floor meeting room is proving a real asset and the expenditure is justified.

Our Treasurer has managed to find a few pennies to spend on the Queens Jubilee Celebrations including the purchase of a commemorative mug to be given free to all the children of the village

You will see from the Entertainment Committee Report that a very full programme has been arranged for the Jubilee and I hope that all of you will find something during this week that you will enjoy

The Fete Committee are well ahead with their plans for what promises to be another great success Please support this event and make it a family day out

The environmental group has been very successful and everyone will agree when I say how delightful the Village looks this spring. Wallington really is a very desirable place to live

The Planning Sub Committee were very busy during the year and as you can see from their report they have taken up several matters which might threaten the character of the village. It is one of the most important Aims of the Executive

The WVCA Website is running well and is regularly updated. Access to this Website will help to keep us all in touch

Finally I wish to give a very special thank you on behalf of the WVCA to Wendy Reilly who for the moment has retired from the Committee due to work commitments. We hope to see her back with us when work permits. In the meantime we are looking for new committee members who feel they have what it takes.

My term of office has come to an end and I am looking forward to being a backbencher next year. I welcome the new Chairman and pledge my support

Eve Burley


What has WVCA achieved? (2011/12)

  • FLOOD EMERGENCY PLAN - Has been updated, re-printed and distributed.
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF THE "HOUSEHOLD LEVEL" FLOOD PROTECTION SCHEME - 49 properties benefited and a Flood Protection Exercise was conducted in Sept 2011.

  • FLOOD DEFENCE BUND (WSR) - completed and has already proved effective.
  • OIAW - remains an excellent Village Magazine, the XMAS 2011 Edition being a case in point.
  • WVCA Website - - is constantly updated and contains not just archive information, but tells you what's happening in the future - Save/Bookmark our Website and please use it - The information you want is there!

  • VILLAGE FETE - 2011 was an excellent year and together with the Annual Draw, boosted our coffers to the tune of £3,272; next year will be even better! - who remembers the Beatles? (Well, the Beatles will be at Wallington in 2012 - Come to the AGM and secure your tickets early - XMAS & Spring OIAW's refer)

  • STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT AREA (SDA) - FBC's plan to build a New Town (the size of Petersfield) between the M27 & Wickham) - Wallington is at the forefront of opposing the SDA; the aim being to try and minimise the impact on the Village in terms of traffic congestion, downstream flooding risk and reduce the environmental damage caused by this massive and unnecessary development.

  • RECRUITMENT OF POTENTIAL TRUSTEES - x 4 have attended "taster sessions" with a view to becoming members of the Exec, with others in the pipeline; it is YOUR Village - we need YOUR support.

  • IMPLEMENTATION OF THE "RESIDENTS PARKING SCHEME - which despite some mostly minor glitches, has cleared some 30/40 Daytime Parkers, if not more, from our roads.

  • THE ANNUAL WALKROUND - Has resolved a number of Village issues and despite earlier threats (from FBC) as to its future, the latter now seems assured.
  • ENVIRONMENT - Tree management & the planting of some 400 trees in South Wallington has been completed and a coppicing regime re-instated on the Riverbank in North Wallington. Perennial weeds have been removed from both the Watermeadow and the Riverbank; much has been achieved, but we need your continuing support.
  • VILLAGE HALL - Continues to provide a 1st class amenity. The focus of current efforts is to: drive down annual running costs/energy use, to market the hall to its full potential and to examine whether an "online booking facility" would help increase Hall bookings, which are markedly down as compared to last year.
  • SAINSBURYS RE-BUILD - With that wonderful thing called "hindsight" (if only we were all blessed with it!) then clearly the current building, with it's Illuminated Signs (Visible from Boarhunt) is a " Blot on the Landscape"; comparable only with the Magistrates Court & the FBC Civic Offices, all of which are an absolute disgrace to Town Planning.

  • WVCA FINANCES - Are well managed and remain on a very sound footing. The Reserves policy has recently been updated, as have the TOR's of the Finance Sub Cttee (FSC), which now comprises the Officers of WVCA plus one other Trustee.
  • WALLINGTON BUS - Continues to provide an excellent service, without which some residents would not be able to access the town centre.

  • ENTERTAINMENT - The Entertainments team have again produced a broad range of events, a prime example of which was the Christmas programme; an increasing number of events are routinely "Sold out".
  • PLANNING - A number of Village sites, including Gauntlett's field are under threat of development and the plans for all four sites will be examined very carefully by WVCA in the coming years. On a more positive note, the footpath at Sainsbury's (By the Bottle banks) has been re-instated and, subject to appeal, inappropriate plans to develop a property in Delme Drive have been turned down.

Treasurer's Report 2011/12

1. Gross receipts

The financial statements for this year show gross receipts for the year of £7,078 compared to £6,551 last year. This means £7,078 more funds are available to add to reserves.

2. Income

Overall income for the year was £49,187 a decrease of £6,903 over the 2011 figure.

  • The hall continues to be our main source of income and although the income has dropped by £3,696, expenditure in running the hall has dropped by a larger amount meaning that the net income from the hall has increased from £7,858 to £8,345.
  • The one off monies received in respect of the works carried out on the wall along Wallington Shore Road meant that total receipts were £2,650 higher last year.
  • Donations included a legacy of £500 from the late Mari Smith. Last year we had a donation of £500, which has been matched by the Association to fund a memorial bench for John and Margaret Perry.
  • Interest and dividends received have decreased since last year. This is a reflection of the low interest rates that are currently available.

3. Payments

Overall payments for the year have decreased by £7,429 over the 2011 figure to a total of £42,110.

  • As stated above, hall costs have decreased compared to last year as running costs are linked to the use of the hall.
  • Environmental project costs shows a decrease as the previous year included the one-off costs of repairing the wall on Wallington Shore Road. The funding was helped by contributions by the residents.
  • The decrease in the hall and environment costs has helped to cover the general increase in costs in other areas.

4. Cash reserves

At 31 March 2012, monies held in bank accounts, fixed interest accounts and cash amounted to £85,462. A further £82,227 is held in investments. Bank account balances have decreased by £12,922 due to £20,000 being moved to investments and the gross receipts for the year adding £7,078 to cash available. Investments have increased due to the extra investment of £20,000 as well as an increase in the value of the investment of £1,898 due to the change in the value of the shares held within the portfolio. Overall total monetary assets available to the Association are £169,334, an increase of £9,253 on last year.

5. Treasurer's summary

The main source of income, the hall, is stable and as this amounts to such a large percentage of total income, our reserves policy caters for the possible loss of income if the hall was not able to be hired. The reserves held to cover this currently stand at £80,000 and will be sufficient to help with rebuild costs as well as enable the Association to continue with its other activities for more than two years.

The water meadow reserve has again been increased this year so that funds are available and ring-fenced to cover any costs that might be incurred in protecting the meadow.

Most of the funds available to the Association are unrestricted reserves therefore, even though the accounts show £112,708 designated to specific funds, a total of £161,839 can be re-designated at the agreement of the trustees to cover any requirement we may have.

The WVCA continues to be in an enviable position with regard to the level of reserves it holds and is, due to a conservative and careful approach over many years, well placed to cope with any unforeseen costs or loss of income.

Clare Weeks

To see the accounts click here (opens as pdf)

Planning Report

As a result of the economic situation there have been few planning applications in and around Wallington this year.

A second application to demolish number 10 Delme Drive and build four detached properties was submitted almost a year to the day from the first such application. Again this was unsuccessful so the applicant appealed. A decision is expected any day now.

The WVCA did object to the application by Staples in Broadcut to erect solar panels. This was because the panels, on 'A' frames, would have protruded over a metre above the current roofline thus making a prominent building even more so. A report by the council's conservation officer was also against this development and the application was refused.

The SDA continues to be the most important planning concern facing the village, though the WVCA monitors all planning applications within the village and surrounding area.

Once in a While and Website

The magazine year of three editions begins with the spring issue. Costs were down on last year - £2370 as against £2887 the year before - which is gratifying, given that we did not stint on colour pages and were even able to publish another Wallington Calendar featuring the brilliant watercolour illustrations of Brenda Leece. The total number of magazines printed was 1300, which equates to a cover price of £1.82 per copy. A lot of care goes into the production at all stages and the (happily) favourable comments we get seem to bear out that it is worth it. Thanks are due, as always, to Keith Barton for preparing the publishing file from the material prior to delivering it to Farleys Printers - and thanks, too, to Farleys for their unfailing help and advice in layout as necessary, especially with complicated graphics!

Advertising continues to provide a useful offset to printing costs - the annual contribution runs at nearly £600. Peter Buckley looks after this part of the production and writes to existing and potential advertisers each February.

No major changes in format are planned for this year though we hope to keep an open mind for fresh ideas. Madeline Close hopes to develop some new features. Whatever happens (especially up the Wickham Road) we shall aim to keep a good balance of entertainment and information in the content.

Websites are able to serve purposes that magazines cannot. They are constantly accessible, they can be updated very readily, and the information they carry can be more extensive since it is unfettered by space constraints so that the visitor can pick and choose how deeply they want to delve. Additionally, of course, the website gives us visibility in the wider World and has in at least one area provided a useful resource for others - thinking now of the much-respected Flood Emergency Plan which is easily downloadable.

Our website is still developing and during this year the separate chapter devoted to the unfolding story of the SDA has grown considerably. The hoped for addition of an archive section to provide an historical resource has not, unfortunately, been possible so far. The user portals are fulfilling their aim of enabling up-to-date information to be placed on the site by authorised individuals without having to go through our Web Master. At the time of writing there are three portals - General News, Social News and Environment News - but a new Chapter dealing specifically with the annual Fete will shortly contain a fourth.

Prompted by the Hall Sub Committee a revised entry has now been placed on the Fareham Borough Council website. This gives a link to the Village Hall section of our Website for information to the Borough at large (and potential new customers).

As with the OIAW we are always happy to hear suggestions for content or improvements.

Arthur Hackney, Madeline Close and Peter Buckley

Hall Sub Committee

Aim: To maintain the Hall in as new condition, market it to full potential and control carbon footprint.

Hall Manager, John Wilcox continues to maintain the Hall to high standards of maintenance throughout. He is ably supported by Barbara and Diane who achieve the highest standards of cleaning throughout the building, often working unsociable hours. Thanks to Jenny Jervis and her willing team of volunteers who give of their time to beautifully maintain the gardens in a very attractive way.

This year we welcomed Bob Cox to the Hall Committee and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Hall from past years.

Over the last twelve months much of the Main Hall lighting has been replaced with energy efficient dimmer lights.

Labelling has been applied to some heating and lighting switches to aid usage by Hall users.

A Fault and Report Log is now available for Hall users; this is kept in the kitchen.

A maintenance audit has been carried out and minor works are in hand.

The Disabled Toilet is now up to date with legislation with an alarm fitted for emergencies.

Worn out and broken blinds are due to be replaced in May.

The front door lock has been replaced. All users have new keys. This brings the Hall up to date with security as too many people, non-hall users, were in possession of keys. Each new key is numbered and is signed for by the holder.

Chris Morgan

Entertainment Report AGM 2012

It is the aim of the Entertainment Sub-committee to organise and run one event each month in the village hall. Unfortunately we don't always manage this. We also try to put on a variety of entertainment to appeal to different tastes within the village and the largest audiences. We have tried different entertainers and if something is successful we then try to book them again.

The village BBQ run in conjunction with the Cob and Pen was a huge success perhaps helped by sunny weather that August day. A great curry supplied by Naz in Fareham went down well in October along with the music of Acoustic 2. The Forest Forge Pantomime was a sell-out in December. (They will be back again this December). The Children's Christmas party has also become another traditional village event. Those who went to Boogie Nights in February enjoyed themselves. The hall was particularly well decorated for this event. Cuff Billet in March ensured yet another enjoyable evening. As I write this we are preparing for Murder in May.

As always - suggestions, positive feedback and help to run village entertainment is welcome.

Madeline Close

Environmental Report AGM 2012

A fairly mild and exceptionally dry winter has provided plenty of opportunity for environmental activity.

The "South Wallington Project", advertised at last year's AGM, has been largely completed. The light crown reduction of the mature oaks between the river and Wallington Way will lessen the effects of high winds and prevent further tree loss.

With the donation of over 400 trees from the Woodland Trust and hard work from volunteers the noise bund/bank along Wallington Way has also been planted. The "Bund on the Bend", built last year, is now complete and with the encouragement of FBC is to be identified as a "designated wild flower area". 18 different varieties of wild flower have been identified on the bund. It has also proved its worth as a flood defence barrier during the autumnal high tides and the exceptionally wet spring.

Work has continued to remove the noxious Himalayan Balsam from the riverbank and the annual River Clearance was successfully carried out.

Unlike last year the weather throughout the winter was fairly mild and dry and the Environmental group was able to organise sessions in every month through from September to March. Coppicing sessions were organised in December, January and February. Because of the use of chainsaws and chippers these sessions have to be carefully managed from a Health & safety point of view with risk assessments and closely controlled working conditions. A small working party augmented by youngsters from the 'Catch 22' organisation have now completed the task of coppicing the riverbank in the vicinity of Riverdale Cottages in North Wallington The Catch 22 organisation provides reparation opportunities for first offenders. The youngsters, who have helped out on a number of occasions, have worked hard and made a significant contribution to the work that has been done.

The next planned event is the preparation of the site and the erection of the seat around the maple tree outside 17 WatersideGardens in memory of John and Margaret Perry.

Most environmental projects are generated by ideas from the Environmental group itself but we would be pleased to consider any suggestions which members feel would enhance or maintain the condition of the built or natural environment in the village.

The Environmental Group


Post - AGM Tuesday 12 June 2012

James Clark took the Chair and began by thanking Eve Burley for stepping into the breach to fill the vacant Chairman's post for the past two years.

Questions and comments were then invited from the floor.


David Walton updated the meeting with the latest news about the SDA.

At a meeting of the Executive of Fareham Borough Council on 11th June 2012 the draft Masterplan options for public consultation for the new community north of Fareham were agreed.

The three options were as follows: -

Option 1

Full site development with an employment area at Junction 11 of the M27 with an assumed capacity of the site of 6/7000 houses together with 80/87000 sq m of employment floor space. The site will include four primary schools and a secondary school. This option can be varied to include or exclude a link road from the main development to Junction 11 of the M27. Without the link road all traffic generated by the new development would have to go through an improved Junction 10 of the M27.

Option 2

No employment area at Junction 11, partial development east of the A32 The capacity of the site on this basis is 6,300/6,850 homes and 76,200/82,850 sq m of employment floor space. There would be four primary schools with this option. Development would be focussed on the western part of the site with the employment element completely within the main body of the new settlement.

Option 3

Development west of the A32 only with 5,300/5,800 homes being achieved and 66,00/72,00 sq m of employment floor space. All access to the new community would be via Junction 10 of the M27. Only three primary schools would be required in this option.

FBC propose to consult with the public between 2nd and 31st July. There will be a Public exhibition in Ferneham hall.

20mph speed limit trial

It seems unlikely that Wallington will be one of four areas selected to trial the 20mph scheme run by Hants CC. However, a 20mph speed limit will be introduced throughout the village within the next two years under the Fareham Town Action Plan.

Walk Round

The meeting was invited to suggest items for inclusion on the Walk Round agenda.

Sainsbury's roundabout at Broadcut - the shrubs again need to be cut back to improve the sight lines for motorists and pedestrians.

Junction of Drift Road and N. Wallington - Concerns were again raised about the difficulties of emergency vehicles negotiating this junction. The positioning of the double yellow lines was agreed by FBC/WVCA but experience has shown that the lines should probably have been about 5 metres longer. The matter will be raised again on "safety" grounds.

Overgrown hedges in N. Wallington

It was decided not to take this issue forward as HCC's position is both reasonable and absolutely clear. The foliage will be cut back if it encroaches on the highway but probably not until after the nesting season i.e. late summer. (ACTION on the above: DW)

Questions were also raised about: -

Rubbish in Standard Way probably discarded by lorry drivers using the burger van. A regular clean up is required. An approach will be made to FBC. (ACTION: KT)

Blocked drains were again in evidence during the recent heavy rains. FBC have cleared the drains but parked cars prevent some areas being accessed.

As usual in the summer the Water Meadow becomes a focal point for anti-social behaviour. First responsibility lies with the Management staff in the office in Standard Way and they should be informed. In the event of criminal behaviour the police should be informed immediately.

Questions were raised about WVCA asset strategy and reserves policy bearing in mind the relatively large sums held in deposit and reserves by the Association. The meeting's attention was drawn to the extensive subsidisation of events and the Treasurer summarised the WVCA Reserves Policy.

Japanese Knotweed was identified to the meeting and members were advised to report its invasion into any properties in the village to the WVCA so that steps could be taken for its eradication. Already 4 stands had been identified in Wallington 2 were already being controlled by the council but WVCA are committed to eradication, wherever possible, from the village. (ACTION: CS)

The meeting closed at 9.15pm