In late July 2011 and despite the opposition of ALL the local Community Groups and CPRE, the Planning Inspector ruled in favour of the FBC Core Strategy, including plans for a new Town of 6,500 – 7,500 houses (the size of Petersfield!) between Fareham and Wickham.

Whilst extremely disappointing, the Core Strategy is but the “concept phase” for this development and the next phase of the Planning process, namely production of a detailed “Area Action Plan” (AAP) will prove much more demanding for FBC, not least because they will be forced to address all the difficult issues such as traffic impact, funding of infrastructure works etc, all of which they have ignored thus far. There will be a 2nd Public Inquiry into the AAP in mid 2012.

On a brighter note, the plans for a major new Business Park at Junction 11 of the M27 were thrown out by the Inspector, which I suspect may mean that the plans for a new road costing £25M - £40M, intended to link the SDA with Junction 11 of the M27, may never happen and SDA traffic will be forced to use the A32 and Junction 10; an absolute nightmare for residents living anywhere near that Junction.

The SDA has been and will continue to be, bitterly opposed by the residents of North and East Fareham, Knowle, Funtley and Wickham on whom it will have the greatest impact. It is, in our view, a totally unnecessary and unwanted development, that is being driven by the Leader of Fareham Borough Council and his chums in the Western Wards.

It will obliterate some of the best farmland in Southern Hampshire and those members of FBC who have supported this monstrous proposal, against the wishes of local residents, should hang their heads in shame.

David Walton