May/June Annual General Meeting
June Council Officers Walkround
July Summer Fete, Music on the Meadows & Summer Draw
August Horticultural Show
September Harvest Festival
Annual river clearance
December Candlelit Carols and Christmas celebrations
February Village Forum

In addition to annual events arranged by the WVCA there are a number of other WVCA groups who regularly use the Village Hall (e.g. the Gardening Club who run the Horticultural Show) and these are listed in the Village Hall section. The Pre-School meets every weekday, others weekly or monthly. WVCA arranges a variety of programmes, aiming to match the interests of villagers. Recent programme included drama, jazz, folk night, a big band, classical and popular music. Details of forthcoming events appear on Village notice boards, in periodic "What's On" pamphlets delivered by your street representative or in the Once in a While. In addition to the annual River Clearance a number of working parties are arranged when required to maintain and improve the environment in the Village. These activities have included tree, hedge and bulb planting from the Delme roundabout to the M27 and at the junction of Military Road and Pinks Hill near the entrance to Fort Wallington, coppicing and ivy control along the river and maintenance of the water meadow. There is also a considerable amount of work involved in preparing for and running the Summer Fete.