Hiring Wallington Village Hall


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Booking with Hall Master

The Village Hall is booked using the online booking system, Hall Master.

Once you have registered to use Hall Master it is quick and easy to request your booking. You can also see the progress of your booking and, when your booking is confirmed, your invoice.

You will need an email to register. Your contact details will be kept on the Hall Master system in line with our current GDPR obligations. For more information on how to book on Hall Master view a short video HERE.

Once your booking request has been made in Hall Master it will be reviewed by the Hall Team. If accepted, you will need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking.

The Hall Team will be in touch by email about paying your deposit and the balance, arranging a Hall induction and access to the Hall for your event.

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Not online?

If you do not want to book online you can email the Hall Team who can assist with your booking hall@wvca.co.uk. It may take a little longer to create your booking, but we are happy to help.

Important information on using the Wallington Village Hall

Safety and Safeguarding

As a caring organisation we strive to safeguard you and your fellow users. Please be aware of our Safeguarding Statement. Click HERE.

To see a copy of our Fire and Emergency Safety Policy click HERE. Emergency notices are available in the Hall.

Terms and Conditions

We urge you to read these carefully before agreeing to them on your booking form. Click HERE to check our Terms and Conditions.


Please note the important provisions regarding insurance for both private and commercial hirers. If you are not covered by the WVCA existing provisions, you will be asked to provide suitable insurance at the induction and before your event can proceed.

It is important that all hirers note the information on Village Hall Trusts, Insurance and Licences. Click HERE.

Risk Assessments All users are required to provide suitable risk assessments at the time of induction.

If you are unfamiliar with preparing a Risk Assessment, you may find it helpful to use a model assessment to help to consider the sorts of issues which might be involved. Click HERE to download a model risk assessment form for Inside Events.


Once your booking has been made, either online or via email, you will be required to attend an induction to ensure you are aware of the Hall’s safety provisions and operations. This will take less than one hour at the Hall.

At the end of the induction, you will be required to sign a record of the induction and safety declaration, provide your risk assessment and where appropriate a copy of your insurance policy.


Late cancellations cause considerable inconvenience both to Users and the Hall Team, and often incur costs.

Please help us to keep the Hall running efficiently by letting us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel an event. See our cancellation policy in Terms and Conditions.


You can find a procedure to register a complaint HERE.


You can reach the Hall Team via the Hall email hall@wvca.co.uk or in an emergency 07395 400 896.